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    Northern Lights Feminised

    Feminized seeds of Northern Lights are a perfect occasion to meet one of the most famous hybrid lines of marihuana, which influenced the development of selection culture in general. As it was created almost half a century ago it became grounding for many modern strains. Due to feminization, strains give perfect plants with homogenous view and content of Cannabinoid...

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Photoperiodic strain of the week

Northern lights Feminised
Is a perfect simple indica strain. Great for both Indor or Outdoor

Autoflowering strain of the week

Auto OG Kush Feminised
is a classic Californian cannabis


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    • Cannabis and various products made on its basis are long-accepted means, able to protect people from a variety of diseases associated with seizures. Various forms of epileptic seizures can be treated with the help of oil of seeds of cannabis, or by smoking marijuana of special strains.

    • Clothing is an essential companion of any human. It is also our most distinguishing feature, if we talk only about our appearance.

    • Cannabis that is used for industrial purposes is a promising means, having an excellent chance to "wrestle" with very well-known problem i.e. global warming. Industrial cannabis is underestimated by overwhelming majority who are lazy to understand such a complicated issue...