Selection and use of industrial hemp

Breeding is the oldest method of producing perfect plants and animals. Its applying started at the beginning of the era of farming. After pure instincts our ancestors understood that babies of healthy and strong parents will be much more competitive and viable than weak and sick ones. Then, nomadic life style for most of peoples has gone into oblivion. There began to appear the first selections of cereals and other food crops. Here we approach gradually to the subject of the article, i.e. industrial cannabis, selection of perfect strains for specific purposes. Cannabis seeds and parts of plants after cultivation were used as raw material for the production of clothing, ropes, food and drugs since ancient "bearded" times, long before the emergence of stupid prejudices, which were based on harmful effects of psychoactive substances of the plant. Well, until the perturbation caused by unfair attitude to the plant has not completely absorbed me, I come back to industrial usage of cannabis, because in such pace we will get an article about the benefits of legalization. The first issue of the agenda will be the following question: for what purposes using cannabis is the best comparing with "traditional" materials?

Perfect application fields
Nowadays, (don't be surprised) more than twenty five thousand different products are prepared of different strains. There is everything in the list, from the above fabrics and ropes to cosmetic products and construction materials. Of course, the list includes "duplicate items." Ropes, yarns, fabrics are considered to be fundamentally different products. Each of them has his own "sub-species", but for laymen they are almost identical. But even under the most severe selection you will get at least several thousand of completely different products of industrial cannabis, with different fields of application. Unfortunately, many simillar manufactures are rather highly specialized and have no representatives in worldwide web. Therefore, we shall consider only the fabrics and construction materials which are relatively well-known branches of industry using cannabis.

Cannabis fabric
The fabric made of cannabis plant is a nice, comfortable and hard-wearing material. It has two main advantages. But how good they are! There are good grounds for saying that the quality is more important than quantity. Firstly, it is never deformed and not stretched. Have you ever gained and then lost five kilograms and then got disappointed to find out that your favorite warm sweater is now hanging on you like a shroud made of burlap? While wearing clothes of industrial cannabis, you will never meet such unpleasant incidents. Secondly, such fabric has good... no, great heat exchange characteristics. In winter, it is warm clothing, and in summer it is cold one. Of course, it is within reasonable limits. Despite all benefits of cannabis fabric a light blouse will never help in severe January cold. Here are main advantages of this material. Also, many owners of this clothing mention good mood. If we consider the way marijuana works in another ... um, method of use then it sounds quite logical. But it may be not considered as the third advantage as evidential base is too small. Industrial cannabis is used for production of panels, and there no special "preferences" in terms of strains. If you need a big panel, then of course it will be better to take some strain, based on sativa high.

Construction materials of cannabis
When I say someone about this application of industrial cannabis, usually people get very surprised. Due to efforts of mass media in the consciousness of an average person any plant of cannabis is always associated with narcotic effect, many of them have never even heard about industrial cannabis. But it is also possible to produce excellent cement with excellent thermal isolation. In addition, an important advantage is its natural resistance to all kinds of mold and mildew, which are real "plague of foundations." We need to write an article about construction materials, and even in this case we will not be able to tell you everything. In this case we will leave more detailed review for the future, considering the above mentioned as enough.