Industrial cannabis

Cannabis that is used for industrial purposes is a promising means, having an excellent chance to "wrestle" with very well-known problem i.e. global warming. Industrial cannabis is underestimated by overwhelming majority who are lazy to understand such a complicated issue. There are hundreds of articles in the internet that are able to provide accurate information regarding the use of cannabis for similar purposes. Many people believe that medical and industrial cannabis are inventions intended to popularize marijuana, to rehabilitate it in the eyes of people. I find it unreasonable, but let's consider details. Firstly, it is not necessary to "rehabilitate" the plant, because bad attitude to the plant is a consequence of propaganda of the middle of the century. Remember cannabis ropes, fabrics, and the widest use of oil, many centuries-old traditions of medical apply of bushes by everybody, from the pagan sorcerers to post-war era doctors. This is how the situation with cannabis before its anti-advertising was. I have no idea who can profit from blackening such a useful plant. I am not an expert in geopolitics, so I will not do any guesswork. Secondly, we can not file medical and industrial cannabis because of archaic errors of past generations. Dozens of different "level" states legalize and decriminalize cannabis. Legislations become more loyal, creating a new branch of business, which will be able to provide invaluable assistance to vast number of people, to economic systems of these states, even to the planet's ecology.

Industrial cannabis against global warming
The human factor is the worst enemy of global environment. It is sad, but not a catastrophe, which has ever occurred on the Earth can not be compared to any man-made accident, of course, without taking into account any space interventions such as meteorites. We haven't reached such level of harm yet, but it is probably still ahead. Let's speak a little about the immensity of man-made tragedies. Remember a tanker full of crude oil containing monstrous amounts of toxic substances for the world ocean that has cracked in two parts. Remember Chernobyl and Fukushima, radioactive winds, poisoned soil, thousands of broken lives and destinies. Global warming is not as noticeable as above tragedies, but in the long run may becomes even more deadly problem. Industrial cannabis is able to solve this problem. Mankind has so heavily polluted environment that a significant reduction of abnormally high temperatures will occur in at least a few hundred years, but if we start to act wisely now, we can significantly reduce this time limit.

Cannabis application
Industrial cannabis is able to be a catalyst for solving the problem of global warming. Bio-fuels, which are produced using oil of cannabis seeds are able to replace gasoline in any devices. You can not shoot from the hip: the fuel, consisting of oil material and cannabis oil in the proportions of 80:20 can significantly reduce the damage to the environment caused by cars. Perhaps, vehicles exhausts are the most serious cause of increasing global temperatures and melting glaciers.